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    Ultima Enzyme Odour Remover


    An Enzyme based product to remove odours on all surfaces


    Product Description

    Enzyme contains a blend of protease, lipase and amylase enzymes. It may be used on carpets, wall coverings, upholstery, floors, refuse containers, tiles etc.

    It is designed to digest the organic matter, including hair, from which many odours originate.

    It will also keep kitchen sinks, showers, drains etc. free flowing with regular use and with Public Toilets etc. will eradicate odours from grouting behind urinals.

    Available as a single 5 Litre Container or as a case of 4 x 5 Litre (reduced cost when ordering a case of 4 x 5 Litre)


    Safety Data Sheet available on request  

    Additional Information

    Weight1 kg

    4 x 5 Litre Case, 5 Litre Container