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    Unsmoke Unsoot™ #1 Encapsulant


    Product Description

    Unsoot #1’s long-lasting barrier helps prevent the release of particulates, thereby helping to improve indoor air quality after restoration.

    Use on structural wood, or for sealing duct work and ceiling plenums after fires, smoke damage etc.


    Mixing: Dilute 1 part Unsoot #1 with 4 parts cold water.

    The use of a sprayer to apply is recommended, when a fine mist is required, a ULV Fogger can be used.


    Available as a single 3.8 LTR Container or as a case of 4 x 3.8 LTR Containers

    (Reduced cost for ordering as a case of 4)


    Safety Data Sheet available on request  

    Additional Information

    Weight3.8 kg

    3.8 Litre Bottle, 4 x 3.8 Litre Bottle