Is Your Company COVID-Secure?

    Business owners, managers and employees are all concerned about returning to work amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

    As such, we have introduced our new ProActive and ReActive decontamination service plans that offer you and your employees the confidence to return to work, knowing you’re in a safe environment.



    The sudden emergence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has put directly in the public eye the threat of communicable diseases, highlighting the importance of effective decontamination & sanitisation, in addition to the safe management of the waste by-product.

    Our national teams have the necessary expertise to provide swift and safe cleanup of public and private sector environments contaminated with COVID-19, and the ongoing proactive sanitisation methods to ensure those environments continue to remain safe and risk-free.

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    Our years of experience in the decontamination of other pathogens prior to this pandemic has led us to identify three key areas in threat management:

    1. · Readiness:
      A national network providing a highly reactive 24 hour response meaning action plans are swiftly put into place, vital in reducing exposure to COVID-19 and the threat to your environment.
    2. · Planning:
      Our logistics, business infrastructure and technology which is already in place from dealing with other lethal pathogen contamination, allow us to transition you through the COVID-19 decontamination process whilst keeping you or your business fully updated from first attendance to sign-off.
    3. · Response:
      Rapid deployment of personnel, expertise, and equipment to address COVID-19 threats, lessening your physical and financial exposure.