Meet The Team


    Ben Giles

    Managing Director
    Ben has been in the waste industry since birth! His passion for environmental solutions began as youngster, where a demanding window cleaning round challenged his youthful glow.

    Since then, Ben has worked extremely hard to establish a local cleaning business in South, West Wales, specialising in trauma and bio-hazard innovations and continues to strive for solutions to all unplanned waste streams on a national basis through Ultima Environmental.

    In his spare time, Ben loves spending time with his family and friends along with exploring his new love for cheap whiskey!


    Mark Baxter

    National Development Manager
    Mark is the 'font of all knowledge' waste wise, having lived and breathed waste since he finished his modelling career - And that was a very long time ago!

    Mark spent a number of years developing an accredited course for crime scene cleaning and was instrumental in establishing the NACSC - The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners.

    In his spare time, Mark is a local Rock n' Roll icon, playing lead guitar in the critically acclaimed band 'Wasted Talents.'


    Greg Drane

    National Operations Manager
    Greg has spent most of his fast-paced life in the corporate waste industry, enjoying a fantastic grounding with some of the biggest waste companies in the UK. Greg thrives on finding solutions for anything waste related and is passionate about environmental sustainability.

    Greg loves networking and meeting new people. A keen health and fitness enthusiast, he loves to ride his road bike and get to the gym. Many have said they'd much rather keep Greg for a day rather than a week due to his 'healthy' appetite!

    If Greg is missing, you won't have to look far.. He'll be enjoying walking in the country with his family, followed by a nice cold pint of Guiness at the local pub.


    Pete Swanick

    Operations Team Manager
    The man who makes things happen! - Pete is the sergeant major of Ultima, making sure that the teams are working effectively, that all the kit is fit for purpose and that health and safety is at the forefront of every job we do! Pete also looks after multiple contracts and is the 'go to' man for all of our customers.

    In his spare time, Pete regularly attends the gym (keeping his 'guns' in check), but more importantly loves his holidays! We're told that Jamaica is Pete's favoured destination - 'Sun and Rum' being his only holiday criteria!

    On the occasional weekend, Pete can sometimes be found raving at a music festival with his mates, but if not, he will definitely be chilling with a rendition of his favourite film - 'The Goonies.'


    Lucy Fletcher

    Group Accountant
    Suffering from a deep case of depreciation, Lucy keeps her feet on the ground and more importantly, a couple of pennies in the bank!

    Lucy is described by her colleagues as the 'coolest of cucumbers,' and the 'kindest person you'll meet.' - Definitely not your average accountant!

    Being self-sustainable is a huge passion of Lucy's, growing her own fruit and veg and even building her own eco-friendly house.. Wow!

    A true lover of all things environmental, the girl can certainly rock a pair of Dr. Marten's!


    Diana Evans

    Office Manager
    If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her, maybe you can hire... Diana!

    The back-bone of Ultima HQ, Diana has been here from the start and what she doesn't know, isn't worth knowing!

    Diana is kinda' big in the community too, fundraising for anything and everything. Watch out, she's known to auction anything she can get her hands on!

    In her spare time, Diana is the CEO of the local 'Poppit Sheep Shareholders Society' and organises the yearly ball race with 15,000 tennis balls.. Apparently!

    A regular hair appointment is Diana's guilty pleasure, correcting the adversity of dealing with Ben and Mark.. And we'll all breathe a sigh of relief when she learns to drive that Fiat Abarth!!!


    Kassia Bath

    Quality Auditor
    'Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense'.. Kassia is the definition of efficiency. Rated at the top of her game by all who work with her, Kassia is Ultima's Wonder-woman! - It has even been said that Kassia has a list of her lists!

    Ultima's Internal Management System is in great hands with Kassia and she works tirelessly to ensure that everyone and everything complies at all times!

    Kassia loves spending time with her family and friends and in her spare time enjoys arts and crafts - We're told she can make anything out of a piece of felt!

    Her love of dancing (and strictly in particular) is definitely Kassia's guilty pleasure along with hardcore liquorish root!


    Jenny Baxter

    Training Administrator
    Ask Jenny a question.. She will probably know the answer. Jenny is Ultima's knowledge database!

    Jenny is passionate about our teams and always ensures they are all fully trained and competent to perform in the services we provide.

    In her spare time, Jenny enjoys art and literature and can often be found baking the best cakes you have ever tasted! (verdict supplied by her biggest critic - Mr. Baxter).

    From cakes to gardening, Jenny is a real green fingered goddess.. Charlie Dimmock eat your heart out!


    Jamie Browning

    Infrastructure Manager
    Jamie is what's known to your average man as the 'Wizard of Windows,' closely followed by the 'Mac Magician.' Ask Jamie a question about anything IT related and he'll know; how it works, how to fix it and even who invented it!

    In his 'spare' time, Jamie likes to rebuild community mobile phones, despite the associated stress a cracked screen or a missing screw can unveil.

    A true gent in the office, Jamie is a machine on the football pitch! His jungle cat type reactions see him as one of the top goal scorers in his Wednesday night league.

    Jamie likes to stay 'healthy' too.. Green smoothies, salt and vinegar crisps and endless bounty bars is the new champions diet apparently.. Although Isla's light fingers may deprive his cravings on occasions!


    Isla Hinde

    Office Administrator
    Isla is definitely the happiest member of the Ultima team. Know by some in the office as 'Isla the smiler,' she has a true work ethic that cannot be rivalled!

    Anything you put in front of Isla is done in super fast time, to a top quality standard, and most importantly, with a big Isla smile!

    In her spare time, Isla is a 'Cavegirl!' - Visiting her local beach to carry sandbags, perform shuttle runs and squat 'til she drops is apparently the new fun way of keeping fit?!

    As you can see by her photo, Isla's love of chocolate is her nemesis! She has been known to 'acquire' a bounty or two from the office fridge when no one is looking (don't tell Jamie!).


    George Winkworth

    Fleet Co-ordinator
    Known amongst his peers as 'Gorgeous George,' his prolific 'fix it' reputation proceeds him wherever he goes!

    With many years spent at VW as a fleet technician, George can fix anything from Ultima's pride and joys to the National Lottery!

    It is rumoured that George has an undying love for coffee and is a real caffeine connoisseur (addict), and is constantly repairing the office coffee machine.

    George has a real 'wicked' sense of humour and when not making everyone in the office laugh, he loves to spend time with his family and friends.