Biohazard Cleaning Services

Understanding the risk of biohazards

If your facility handles biohazard waste like bodily fluids or hypodermic needles, then you must complete thorough biohazard decontamination to minimise the risk of infection.

Exposure to biohazards can cause serious harm to you and your employees, so it’s vital that you contact a certified biohazard cleaning company and arrange effective biohazard cleaning services quickly.

Where we can help

At Ultima, we specialise in biohazard decontamination and professional deep cleaning services to help mitigate the risk of infection from exposure.

Our professional biohazard waste removal service will ensure that the contaminated area is thoroughly disinfected and any biohazardous materials are safely removed, all while ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Part of the NACSC

Ultima Environmental is proud to be part of the NACSC as professional level biohazard removal cleaners and more.

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The importance of biohazard cleaning

Biohazards can expose people to infections and cause serious health issues. Employers have a legal responsibility to protect the health of their employees and anyone else who visits their business premises by arranging professional biohazard cleaning services.

Safe and efficient biohazard removal is fundamental to maintaining a safe facility.

Minimising the risk of exposure

When there is an incident involving a biohazard, employers must arrange biohazard decontamination to minimise the risk of exposure as quickly as possible.

Professional biohazard decontamination services are in place to ensure that businesses can maintain a safe work environment and protect their staff against the risk of infection.

Our biohazard cleaning services

We offer a wide range of biohazard cleaning services to suit a wide range of environments. Our specialist decontamination cleaning services include emergency trauma cleaningsharps disposal, and hypodermic needle removal.

What to expect from professional biohazard cleaning

Our fully-trained experts will visit your site and assess the biohazard risk while wearing the appropriate PPE.

Then, we use the latest sanitising technology to eliminate bacteria and ensure that the area is thoroughly decontaminated throughout and after the biohazard removal process.

Here are some of the cleaning methods that we use in sharps disposal and trauma cleanup:

Sharps disposal

If your business regularly handles sharps, then we can arrange a routine sharps collection as part of your waste management solution. We will visit your site and place sharps in a secure, puncture-proof sharps container.

The waste will then be transported to an approved sharps disposal facility to be decontaminated safely and in line with government regulations.

Urgent sharps removal

We can also arrange urgent sharps collection in an emergency e.g. if you find used syringes on your property.

Our specialist removal team has protective equipment and tools to ensure that sharps can be collected and transported safely and legally.

Trauma cleanup

Our specialist team has many years of experience providing deep cleaning and sanitation services in emergencies.

As one of the UK’s leading sanitation companies, we understand that time is of the essence. In an emergency, we can attend to your site quickly and ensure that trauma cleaning is carried out safely and discreetly.

Certified crime scene cleaners

Our professional biohazard cleaners receive in-depth training in crime scene cleaning and trauma clean-up. They will assess your site while wearing the appropriate PPE. Then, we utilise the latest sanitising technology to disinfect the affected area.

As one of the UK’s leading biohazard cleaning companies, our team has extensive experience dealing with trauma cleaning. You can rest assured that our biohazard cleaners will provide an efficient biohazard removal cleaning service that you can rely on.

Providing a professional and discrete decontamination service

We will complete a swift and effective biohazard cleaning service while ensuring minimal disruption to your business or premises.

Our cleaning experts have extensive experience dealing with trauma cleaning and are trained to provide a professional and discrete decontamination cleaning service when responding to crime scenes or emergencies.

COVID-19 Decontamination

Our teams provide safe and expedient eradication of COVID-19 from business and domestic premises ensuring you are COVID-secure.

Hypodermic Needle Sweep

Our teams are fully trained and competent in the safe removal of hypodermic needles and drug paraphernalia.

Blood Trauma

Our teams are trained to fully risk assess the situation, allowing the correct choice of PPE, equipment and cleaning product to be identified.