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Professional Crime Scene Cleaning Services With a Fast and Compassionate Response

At Ultima, we understand that dealing with crime scenes like road traffic accidents and suicides can be emotionally distressing and overwhelming for those involved.

Our crime scene cleaners have the knowledge, expertise and resources to provide a fast and efficient trauma cleaning service that you can rely on.

We offer discreet and compassionate crime scene cleaning using specialist sanitisation equipment to guarantee effective decontamination.

If you require specialist trauma cleaning or crime scene cleaning, please contact our team and we will guide and support you through the process.

Who Cleans Crime Scenes in the UK?

The biohazards present at a crime scene expose you to several health risks. This is why trauma clean up should always be carried out by professionals with the appropriate training and equipment.

Professional Crime Scene Cleaners UK

Improper trauma cleaning can have serious and fatal consequences, so it’s always best to leave the job to professionally trained crime scene cleaners. You must act quickly following a crime to minimise the health risk to you and the general public.

Why is Professional Crime Scene Cleaning Essential?

In the event of a distressing situation such as a road traffic accident or accidental death, specialist crime scene cleaning is often required.

Minimising the Risk of Exposure

Specialist decontamination equipment and PPE (personal protective equipment) must be used to minimise the risk of exposure to biohazards like blood and other bodily fluids when carrying out trauma clean up.

There are serious health risks associated with crime scene cleaning as exposure to bloodborne pathogens can cause deadly infections like HIV and Hepatitis A.

Complete Trauma Cleaning Service

We offer a complete trauma cleaning service and respond to a wide range of crime scenes including road traffic accidents, suicides, murder, and natural death.

Enquiry Call

One of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives will answer your call and ask you for as much information as you can give.

We understand that arranging crime scene cleaning can be emotionally distressing and we will support you through the process and treat you with compassion.

Site Assessment

Our professionally trained crime scene cleaners will come to your location and assess the biohazard risk while wearing the appropriate PPE.

We will then select the most appropriate decontamination equipment and methods to ensure that trauma clean up is safe and efficient. Your facility will be restored to a clean, safe, and hazard-free environment.

Crime Scene Cleaning

Once the crime scene has been assessed, our trauma cleaners will use the latest decontamination technology to eliminate biohazards and ensure that the affected area is sanitised effectively.

We offer a fast and discreet crime scene cleaning service that you can rely on.

Why You Should Choose Ultima for Crime Scene Cleaning

Professional Trained Crime Scene Cleaners UK

Founded in 2000, Ultima has been providing specialist crime scene cleaning services across the UK for 20+ years. We are proud to be one of the UK’s leading professional cleaning companies and our certified crime scene cleaners are trained to the highest industry standards.

Our crime scene cleaners have many years of experience in trauma cleaning, so you know you’re in safe and capable hands when you choose Ultima.

Part of the NACSC

There are serious health risks associated with crime scene cleaning and strict health and safety regulations must be followed.

To maintain our excellent industry standards, we are part of the NACSC (National Association of Crime Scene Cleaners) programme. This provides our crime scene cleaners with rigorous training on biohazardous waste removal and effective trauma cleaning.

Fully-Regulated Crime Scene Cleaning UK

Our crime scene cleaning service is fully regulated and our team will ensure that trauma cleaning is carried out quickly and discreetly to minimise emotional distress.

Having NACSC accreditation means that you can have complete confidence in the skills and expertise of our specialist trauma cleaners.

Fast & Compassionate Response

We know the importance of a speedy response in an emergency and we can offer same day crime scene cleaning in most cases, often within a few hours of you calling us.

Our crime scene cleaners are available 24/7 to provide fast and effective trauma cleaning in an emergency. We will support you throughout the process and always treat you with empathy and compassion.

Crime Scene Cleaning London

Our trauma cleaners have extensive experience providing crime scene cleaning in London and throughout the UK.

If you would like to arrange crime scene cleaning in London or anywhere else in the UK, give us a call on 0345 450 1073 or drop us an email at

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