Waste Removal Services

    Our waste removal services

    As part of our waste removal services, our specialist team can deal with the following:

    • – General waste overspill
    • – Fly tipping removal
    • – Site clearance
    • – Non-hazardous contaminated waste
    • – Liquid spillages
    • – Industrial kitchen deep cleaning
    • – Accommodation sanitising
    • – Kitchen duct and ventilation cleaning

    Why choose Ultima?

    Ultima offers a wide selection of waste removal services that support both commercial and domestic use. It is vitally important that waste is dealt with in a way that is efficient and legally compliant. Our specialist team has many years of experience in professional waste management, so you can have confidence in the quality of our waste removal services.

    Protecting the environment is a top priority for us and we will always divert your waste away from landfills wherever possible. Our waste removal services utilise various recycling options to help lower the carbon footprint of waste disposal. Our professional waste removal services will ensure that your waste is handled in a way that is both environmentally-friendly and cost-effective.

    Drone Surveying

    As part of our waste removal services, we also offer an aerial photography service with accurate volumetric surveying. We will use a drone to survey the area from a safe location and assess the volume of waste. This will allow us to identify the best method of waste disposal and provide you with a realistic quotation before we start any work.

    Fly-tip Removal

    Our teams have undertaken numerous fly-tip removals including hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams.

    Site Clearances

    Experts in site clearances utilising specialist sanitising techniques to deal with human and animal waste.

    Tyre collection and disposal

    Utilising numerous outlets across the UK, we are able to collect and recycle tyres nationally.

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    The environment is of upmost importance to us! We will ensure that the land ecology and subsequent habitats are preserved as a priority.

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    Wherever possible, our teams will divert waste away from landfill, utilising numerous recycling options.

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    Get in touch with our expert team

    Get in touch with our expert team to discuss our waste removal services in more detail. We are available to answer any questions on safe waste removal or total waste management. Our specialist team is committed to helping you find the right waste removal solution for your needs and budget.