How Much Does End Of Tenancy Cleaning Cost?

When you visit a new rental property for the first time, it will look extremely clean and tidy. Every renter wants to move into a clean property and landlords have a legal responsibility to provide tenants with a sanitised and hygienic living space.

The tenant must maintain the cleanliness of the rental property during their tenancy period and they are usually responsible for the end of tenancy cleaning cost.

Professional cleaning ensures that rental properties are left clean and hygienic, ensuring that the tenant receives their deposit back in full.

We’ve put this article together to answer all of your questions about end of tenancy professional cleaning, including what it involves and why it’s important. We will also discuss end of tenancy cleaning costs and provide you with an end of tenancy cleaning checklist.

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What is end of tenancy cleaning?

Tenants are responsible for ensuring that the standard they received the property in is maintained for the duration of their tenancy agreement. Most tenants don’t have time to clean regularly due to work demands and busy schedules.

Deep cleaning the property can become a complex and time-consuming task as dirt and grime build up over time. The tenant must perform end of tenancy cleaning to ensure that the property is handed back in the same condition as it was when they moved in.

Why is professional end of tenancy cleaning important?

According to the Annual Review 2020 from The Dispute Service (TDS), cleaning is the top reason for tenancy deposit dispute claims. Many tenants lose part of their deposit because of cleanliness and hygiene issues.

Making sure that the rental property is clean is a simple way for tenants to avoid deposit disputes. However, end of tenancy cleaning can be a complex and time-consuming job that requires high-end cleaning products and equipment.

This is why many tenants use professional end of tenancy cleaning services rather than cleaning the property themselves.

A professional cleaning service will leave a rental property sanitised and looking spotless, ensuring that the tenant gets their security deposit back in full. Landlords may also arrange end of tenancy cleaning services to prepare a property for new tenants.

Who is responsible for end of tenancy cleaning?

The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the property is left clean and hygienic at the end of their rental agreement. Landlords cannot force tenants to pay for professional end of tenancy cleaning and tenants can choose to clean the property themselves.

However, tenants risk losing their deposits if the end of tenancy cleaning is not completed to a high standard. Hiring professional cleaners is the easiest way for tenants to avoid deposit deductions and issues when they move out.

How much does professional end of tenancy cleaning cost?

The end of tenancy cleaning cost will vary depending on factors such as the type and size of the property. A small apartment will usually be cheaper to clean than a three-bedroom family home, for example.

End of tenancy professional cleaning will also cost more if you opt for additional services such as professional carpet cleaning.

You should be aware that end of tenancy cleaning prices will be higher if your property is dirtier than the average home. The easiest way to avoid extra charges is by cleaning your property regularly and practising continual upkeep.

End of tenancy cleaning checklist

Professional end of tenancy cleaning is a deep cleaning service that focuses on areas that aren’t usually covered during regular cleaning.

Here is an end of tenancy cleaning checklist outlining some of the tasks covered during a professional cleaning service:

  • Remove marks and scuffs from walls
  • Clean interior and exterior windows
  • Remove grime, limescale and mould
  • Remove cobwebs and dust from ceilings and corners
  • Clean light fittings and lampshades
  • Vacuum and deep clean all carpets and rugs
  • Clean the inside of wardrobes and cupboards
  • Clean kitchen appliances like the oven, fridge, and refrigerator
  • Wash curtains to remove stains

End of tenancy cleaning prices

Professional cleaning will ensure that your property is left sparkling clean when you move out, ensuring that you get your deposit back in full. End of tenancy cleaning prices in London are influenced by several factors such as the size of the property and the condition of your home.

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