How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company?

There are loads of great reasons to hire a professional company for your business. Professional cleaners will ensure that your work environment remains clean, safe, and hygienic. Leave your cleaning needs in the hands of the professionals so that you can focus on what’s important – growing your business and profits.


How many cleaning companies are there in the UK?

Did you know that there are 650,000 cleaning companies operating in the UK? Choosing the right cleaning company can be difficult when there are so many options available. You must do your research and compare the best office cleaning companies in your local area.

If you’re considering hiring professional cleaners, then here are a few tips to help you choose the best cleaning service for your business.

How do I research local cleaning companies?

The cleaning market is filled with thousands of companies all trying to sell similar services. This is why you must do thorough research and choose the best cleaning company that will suit your needs and requirements.

Search engines like Google offer a quick and easy way to find cleaning companies in your local area. Make a shortlist of reputable cleaning companies nearby and then do more in-depth research by browsing their website, reading customer testimonials, and visiting their social media accounts.

Tip: Make sure that the cleaning company adheres to health and safety standards and offers a fully regulated service!


How do I find the best cleaning service for the lowest price?

Naturally, you want to find a cleaning service for an affordable price, but cheaper does not always mean better. Compare prices to find the best value service. However, be cautious of any company that is offering significantly lower prices than similar businesses in your area.

Keep in mind that choosing the cheapest cleaning service may end up costing you more in the long run, especially if you need to switch to a new company.

The goal is to find the company that offers the highest quality services at a reasonable price. Many cleaning companies will offer a discount if you sign a retainer agreement or have multiple business facilities.

What services do cleaning companies offer?

Business cleaning services are broad and not every company will provide all of the services that you need. Some cleaning companies offer a full range of cleaning services whereas others focus on a specialist service like deep carpet cleaning. Ideally, you want to partner with a professional cleaning company that can meet all of your commercial business needs.

At Ultima, we offer a broad range of general cleaning services which includes daily office cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, routine waste removal, to name a few. We also offer specialist deep cleaning services such as pest removal and biohazard cleaning.

You can visit our homepage to find out more.


Can customer testimonials help me find top office cleaning companies?

Customer testimonials will give you valuable insight into the customer service offered by cleaning companies. In fact, a massive 90% of consumers read reviews before buying from a business and 88% of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Reading customer testimonials will help you make a well-informed decision and choose the best cleaning service for your business.

Can social media help me find local cleaning companies?

Social media can also give you a good indication of how a company communicates with their customers and responds to complaints and queries. You can visit a company’s social media accounts to learn more about their brand and reputation online. You should look for a company that is customer-focused and has strong relationships with its customers.

How can I check a cleaning company’s experience?

Experience is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best cleaning service for your business. A good level of experience is invaluable and essential when you are deciding which cleaning company to partner with.

Most cleaning companies will highlight relevant experience on their website. Ideally, you should choose a company that has a reputable name and demonstrates reliability and a consistent level of service.

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Running a company is hard work and you may find it difficult to meet your cleaning needs while juggling the various demands of business ownership.

It is essential that you maintain a clean environment for your employees and visitors. A professional cleaning service will ensure that your facility is hygienic and allow you to focus on your core business activities.

The cleaning industry is expanding rapidly and there are thousands of professional cleaning companies operating in the UK. That said, cleaning companies are not made equal and you must find a quality cleaning service for your business.


Why Ultima offer the best cleaning service

At Ultima, we have more than 20 years of experience providing professional cleaning services to businesses throughout the UK.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to create tailored solutions that will meet your hygiene needs. Get in touch with our friendly team if you’d like to learn more about our fully-regulated professional cleaning service.