What is the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning?

If you don’t know the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning then you’re not alone! We often get asked what deep cleaning is and how it differs from our general cleaning services.

This article will answer some of the frequently asked questions about the difference between regular cleaning and professional deep cleaning services.


What is a regular cleaning service?

regular cleaning service will include the general cleaning tasks that you should complete on a daily or weekly basis to maintain safe levels of hygiene in your office.

Examples of general cleaning include hoovering, mopping floors, wiping down desks and other hard surfaces, and emptying office waste bins.

Regular cleaning helps you maintain high levels of hygiene and sanitation in your business facility. Most companies choose to hire professional cleaners to keep their offices clean.

What does a deep clean involve?

Deep cleaning focuses on the areas of your business facility that aren’t covered during general cleaning. A deep cleaning service will remove dirt, bacteria and germs from your workplace by:

  • Cleaning behind office appliances
  • Descaling kitchen and bathroom faucets
  • Washing the inside and outside of windows
  • Cleaning carpets and other soft furnishings
  • Cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Wiping down skirting boards
  • Removing dust and cobwebs
  • Unclogging drains and pipes

You can download a deep cleaning checklist to see what cleaning tasks will be covered during a thorough cleaning service.

The easiest way to avoid an arduous deep clean is by learning how to deep clean your office and practising continual upkeep. This will help to ensure that your office is in good condition the next time you use professional deep cleaning services.


Regular cleaning vs deep cleaning – which is better?

The main difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning is the attention to detail. General cleaning is something that you should do daily to maintain a healthy level of cleanliness in your workplace.

Businesses typically use deep cleaning services once or twice a year or on special occasions i.e. at the end of a commercial tenancy agreement.

Regular cleaning and deep cleaning are essential to protect the health of your employees and maintain a high standard of hygiene in your workplace. Using a regular cleaning service consistently will make deep cleaning a far less tedious job.

Should I deep clean my office?

Deep cleaning your office is a time-consuming task and you will need to have essential cleaning equipment and sanitation products to complete thorough cleaning tasks effectively.

When you use our commercial deep cleaning services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your office will be cleaning to a high standard from top to bottom.


How often should I use deep cleaning services?

Thorough cleaning does not need to be done as regularly as general cleaning. We would recommend using our professional deep cleaning services 2-3 times per year to keep your office in top condition.

Our deep cleaning services will remove ingrained dirt and eliminate bacteria and germs that could harm your employee’s health and productivity.

How can I find deep cleaning services near me?

At Ultima, we have more than 20 years of experience working in the cleaning and sanitation industry. Our fully-trained team has the skills and expertise to meet your hygiene requirements and leave your office sanitised and sparkling clean.

As a leading deep clean company, we offer a comprehensive range of deep cleaning services and general cleaning services that are suitable for all commercial environments.

We also offer specialist decontamination and biohazard cleaning, as well as emergency cleaning services.

You can find out more by visiting our website: https://www.ultimaenvironmental.com/

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your cleaning requirements and find out how we can help your business stay clean and safe.