What’s the difference between end of tenancy and domestic cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning and domestic cleaning both involve cleaning properties, but they are two completely different services with different purposes and outcomes.

What is domestic cleaning?

Domestic cleaning is a regular cleaning service that is usually performed by one cleaner. There are several types of domestic services including regular cleaning services (e.g. weekly or fortnightly) and one-off domestic cleaning services. A domestic cleaner will complete regular cleaning tasks to keep your property clean and hygienic.

A regular cleaning service will usually include the following:

  • Vacuuming and mopping all floors in the property.
  • Wiping down and disinfecting all hard surfaces.
  • Emptying rubbish bins and general tidying.
  • Cleaning toilets, showers, and bathtubs.

Post tenancy cleaning is a requirement in many tenancy agreements, but many people are unsure what tenancy cleaning involves and how it differs from regular cleaning services.

We’ve put this article together to highlight the key differences between domestic cleaning and post tenancy cleaning. Let’s start with a brief summary of the two services:


What is end of tenancy cleaning?

Post tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning is a thorough cleaning service that is usually carried out by a team of professional cleaners.

A tenancy cleaning service will ensure that a rental property is left sanitised and sparkling clean, ensuring that the tenant gets their deposit back in full. Landlords may also arrange post tenancy cleaning to prepare a property for new tenants.

Unlike regular cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning is usually done after the tenant has moved out of the property. The only items left in the property should be the furnishings that are included in the rental. This makes it easier for professional cleaners to deep clean the property.

Some examples of cleaning tasks carried out during a post tenancy cleaning service include:

  • Using a professional carpet cleaner to remove stains and ingrained dirt.
  • Eliminating grime and limescale using top-quality deep cleaning products.
  • Cleaning hard to reach areas such as behind appliances or on top of light fixtures.
  • Giving ovens and kitchen appliances a thorough clean.

What are the house cleaning rules for tenants?

Tenants are responsible for the regular cleaning and upkeep of the property they are renting. In most cases, the maintenance of outdoor areas like the driveway and garden are also the responsibility of the tenant as they are classed as part of the rental property.

The tenant should maintain good sanitation in the property by completing regular cleaning tasks like wiping down surfaces, vacuuming, and emptying rubbish bins. They can be held liable and charged if they fail to maintain reasonable hygiene standards leading to health hazards like mould or pest infestation.

In shared buildings, landlords are usually responsible for regular cleaning and maintenance in communal areas. Specialist cleaning services may also be the responsibility of the landlord e.g. hazardous waste removal. Tenants should always check their responsibilities when it comes to cleaning tasks and maintenance.

Is professional cleaning required at end of tenancy?

Since June 2020, landlords can no longer require that tenants pay for post tenancy cleaning or hire a professional cleaning service. Tenants can do their own end of tenancy cleaning, although it is a time-consuming and tedious task that requires high-quality cleaning products and equipment. This is why most tenants choose to hire professional tenancy cleaning services.

According to The Tenants Voice: “End of tenancy cleaning is the biggest cause of deposit deduction.”

Professional cleaners will ensure that move out cleaning is done to a high standard, so no deductions are made from the tenant’s security deposit for cleaning related issues. Hiring specialist tenancy cleaners is a simple way for tenants to avoid deposit deductions.


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